Alexia Mair 

     Alexia was a student of mine in 2001.  Not only were there no problems with Alexia, but she recommended to her parents that they request that I be her 2 younger brother’s and 1 younger sister’s 5th grade teacher.  So for 4 years in a row, I had Alexia and her 3 siblings in my 5th grade class.  2001-2005 and not one accusation or problem. 

     When Henderson police first interviewed Alexia, she made no allegations or accusations against me.  She told police that I was a good teacher, she had a good year, and that her 3 younger siblings had me as their 5th grade teacher.  This was before I was arrested and before the media had portrayed me as guilty.  Alexia’s 2nd interview with Henderson police was after she saw me in the news.  At her 2nd police interview, she completely changed her story.  Now, she made nearly the same allegations against me as the media had reported in the news.  She gave police no reason as to why she made no accusations at her 1st interview.  Like all the other girls, Alexia claimed her alleged incident took place in class with 35+ students present, yet no one witnessed her claims.  All of this made it easy for the jury to see that Alexia was lying and they acquitted me of her allegation.

     Alexia lied.  Why?  I may never know for sure.  Alexia was a “suck up”.  Always needing to be the “teacher’s pet”.  She had a rough home life with her mother divorcing and remarrying at least 3 times that I know of.  Maybe Alexia wanted to be the “teacher’s pet” for the police.  Alexia lied and the jury acquitted me of her allegation.

     This proves that the media and police influence people and aren’t un-bias as they are supposed to be.  Kids lie.  Even about something as serious as this.