Amber Newcomb 

          Amber Newcomb was a 5th grade student in my class back in 2000.  As with Melissa Marcovecchio, I had no trouble with Amber all year and had no complaints from her or her parents.  Also, like Melissa, Amber’s parents requested that Amber be placed in my class.  I had taught her younger brother the previous year in first grade.  Amber’s 5th grade year ended like Melissa’s in that there were no allegations or accusations of any kind by anyone.  Amber even came back with friends after the year had ended during summer break to help me get my room ready for the next school year. 

          Amber waited until 2005, after I was arrested and dragged through the media, to make her accusation.  Her story was very similar to Melissa’s, which had been in the media for a couple of weeks before Amber decided to come forward. Amber’s allegation was even shakier than Melissa’s.  Amber first told police that she was sitting down and that I brushed the side of her breast.  Then at my preliminary hearing, she changed her story and testified that she was standing and that I had grabbed her breast “full cup” with my hand. 

          In 2005 when Amber made her accusation, she was a newly pregnant teen. She had just recently told her mother that she was pregnant at age 14.  I can’t imagine that her mother was happy to hear this and just like Melissa, I am sure Amber’s mother was upset with her.  Now Amber’s allegation against me made her a victim instead of a kid in trouble with her mom. 

          Amber waited nearly 5 years to make her accusation.  She waited until she was  in trouble with her mom, and again like Melissa, she told her boyfriend instead of her parents.  Another kid in trouble and looking for a way out.  Amber had never told anyone for nearly 5 years.  Not her best friend, not her boyfriend, not one family member, not our DARE officer, not the school nurse, not the principal. NO ONE! Why didn’t she tell anyone? Because like Melissa, it didn’t happen! Even though there were people present and nobody witnessed her claim and she never told them about it. Truly unbelievable!

          Even though Amber’s accusation was unbelievable, no one witnessed it, she changed her story, and waited nearly 5 years to tell anyone, the jury convicted me of it.  As I have stated before, the D.A. slandered me so well that the jury was looking to convict me of something. 

          The D.A. created as many charges against me as he could with the expectation that I would take one of his plea deals like most people do.  Of course, I didn’t, but like the saying goes, “throw enough shit against a wall and some of it will stick.”  That is exactly what the D.A. did.  I was acquitted of 11 out of the 21 charges.