Christina Butler

      Christina Butler made a false allegation against me back in 1992 when I lived in Pennsylvania. At the time, she was trying to get back at her boyfriend who had recently broken up with her. I had 3 people who were present and stated to police that Christina lied. One of which was her ex-boyfriend. The misdemeanor charge was dismissed and my record was expunged.

       After I was arrested in 2005, Christina was contacted by Henderson Nevada law enforcement who asked her to contact the D.A's office. Christina now changed her story to exactly match the current charges I faced. When the D.A. asked Christina to come to Vegas and testify, she declined. A.D.A. Tom Carroll then began proceedings to compel Christina to testify. Even though a Pennsylvania law makes it a crime for anyone but me to discuss an expunged case. (PA Statute 35 P.S. 780-119).

        Ultimately Christina came to Vegas and testified. She like the others lied. Judge Glass, A.D.A. Tom Carroll , and Christina all knowingly violated the Pennsylvania law forbidding anyone to talk about or discuss my expunged case except me. I plan on suing all three for violating my rights and violating the Pennsylvania law. A.D.A. Tom Carroll was desperate to strengthen his case against me and went to the length of violating laws to do so. They will all be held accountable for their actions.