Posted by Lisa on
Freedom of Speech is a beautiful thing! My brother has his voice again, and we are always going to fight for his release. INNOCENT until proven guilty...OR until railroaded by a narcisistic judge with no real idea how to rule according to the actual LAW. Hopefully get it right on his appeal. 02/06/11
Posted by Beth on
I am Mark Zana's sister and I want to make one thing crystal clear. We are not going away. Our family will continue to fight for Mark's innocence and freedom. The truth has a funny way of coming out. I am going to make sure that is exactly what happens.
Posted by supporter on
My family has believed all along that Mr. Zana is not guilty of these crimes. How long will he have to sit in prison before the justice system finally admits they were wrong?!?!?!?
Posted by student on
Iris lied cuz her mom told her to. That whole family is crazy. I feel for Mr. Zana. He didn't deserve this.
Posted by Zana Supporter on
Cops doing illegal things in Vegas? Big Surprise. Mark's lucky they didn't shoot him like they've done to so many others.
Posted by ex classmate on
Wow! This is so weird. I think about Mr. Zana every now and then, and I can't believe he is in jail for this. Most of those girls were trouble back then, and I have heard one was a teenage mother...their parents never kept track of them. I don't think Mr.Zana did anything to them. They all had crushes on him, so I think that's why they banded together to get him back. Good luck Mr.Zana.
Posted by student on
Alexia was and is a suckup. she always had to be the center of attention. I guess after seeing Mr. Zana in the news she wanted attention again. She definitely lied about Mr. Zana. Or she wouldn't have let her two brothers and one sister be in Mr. Zana's class after her. At least the jury knew she was lying. I hope Mr. Zana sues her.
Posted by Mr. Zana supporter on
In 5th grade Melissa always tried to be the center of attention. She whined about everything. Her mom was strict and her dad yelled all the time. The boys wouldn't pass her the football in PE. On the last day of school she cried the whole time saying how she'd miss everyone including MR. Zana. She was a big baby always looking for attention..I can't believe she did this to Mr. Zana. He didn't deserve it because he never did those things. Melissa should go to jail for lying.
Posted by whatever on
Coral just spent time in the hospital for "mental issues." Her gramps can say she "needed a rest" but come on. Nobody should believe what she says.
Posted by believer all along on
After reading over this entire website it is obvious that Mr. Zana did not get a fair shake. It is a "she said he said" case built up on hype from the media and corruption beginning with the Henderson Police straight up to the Supreme Court. Shameful. Hideous. Just damn wrong.Mr. Zana may never see the outside again unless someone steps up and admits to the outright lies. I am aware he has excellent legal representation but in this crazy legal system of ours that may not be enough.Somebody better do the right thing and soon.
Posted by Cheresse on
What a great website! The State of Nevada has really let me down. After watching and being a part of my friends trial it really scares me to know that the lawyers and Judges do not have to follow the laws. I pray each day that someone in the higher courts do what's right and read the facts and grant my friend a new trial. I trusted him with my daughter and she was taught right from wrong and the importance of the truth. I hope these girls realize the seriousness of what they reported and only hope that if they lied to come forward and make this right and free a innocent man. I find it very hard to believe that not one student out of 35 or more ever witness any of this behavior.For those who have any reason to not believe in Mark please read his website and get the court script and you will defintently have reasonable doubt.
To the Zana Family I stand right next to you and miss my friend.
Posted by former parent from Kesterson on
I watched this whole "trial by hysteria" unfold as it was happening a few years back.People that loved Mr. Zana and begged for their children to be in his classroom suddenly turned on him without any knowledge of the truth. Rumors swirled and suddenly he was "the bad guy." Well I can tell you other rumors swirled even stronger and an innocent man went to prison. Those girls and their families know it and yet they go on with their lives like all is well. Shame on you all!! I pray that the truth sets Mr. Zana free and that karma comes and gets the little liars.
Posted by anonymous on
"A man is what he does." Not in this case. How about what he DIDN'T do???? What has happened to Mark is complete bullshit! Set free or not he'll never crawl out from under the stigma of being branded a pedophile. When he is exonerated, and I believe he will be,all the money and freedom in the world won't give him back his name. All because of some lying girls. Where's the justice for Mark??
Posted by Nicole on
Wow. I too have been victimized by a completely twisted "system". Not nearly to the same extent as Mark, but I understand and empathize. I continued asking myself how it was possible to NOT see the concrete facts ... the answer eludes me in his case as well. Although I have never met Mark, I know most of his family members and they are incredibly gracious and beautiful humans. This type of situation is so difficult but I am in awe of the amazing grace and humility that this family displays. I pray that the truth will be revealed ... May God have his hand in your appeal Mark. God Bless the Zana family
Posted by past student on
Amber got pregnant at like 13?!?!?!? Why'd she wait 5 years to accuse Mr. Zana? She obviously lied. After 5th grade she used to email Mr. Zana. She wouldn't do that if her accussations were true. It's sad what people will believe.
Posted by anonymous on
Truth be told I never thought Mr. Zana did anything to those girls. Clearly I am not the only one that feels this way. How and why it came to this mess is beyond me. Because of the lies that have been told for reasons unknown Mr. Zana sits in prison. Where this all ends for him remains to be seen. That saddens me greatly. Wish I could do something...
Posted by old student on
I remember when the detective pulled me out of class in the 7th grade and how shocked I was when she told me the accusations. I couldn't believe it at all. I remember that toy car i gave u right before u were arrested.. Hope everything works out for you Mr.Zana
Posted by Beth on
Anyone who has posted a comment on this website....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you know any information that could help Mark leave a comment. I approve comments BEFORE they make it onto the site so no one would know who you are but me. Also if Mark gets a new trial, and we are very hopeful that he does, anyone willing to testify FOR Mark please let us know that as well. Thanks to all of Mark's supporters! It means the world to him and our family.
Posted by Old Student on
I personally had Zana as a 5th grade teacher and I was specifically placed in Zana's class because my mother was an employee at the same school and recognized his talent as a teacher. I have always believed he was innocent,I wasn't his best student but because my mother worked at the same school, I witnessed how kind and helpful he was with his students. There is no way I believe that he could have done something like this, nor do I believe any of these allegations against him. I helped Zana out a lot in his classroom before and after school. Being a student at one time, I could definitely see how some one so young could have concocted up any story against him.You have my support and im looking forward to you seeing the justice and freedom that you deserve.
Posted by Jamie Donnelly (proud cousin of an innocent Mark Zana) on
I unfortunately also know how corrupt our judicial system is. I believe that with all my heart & soul Mark is COMPLETELY without a doubt in my mind INNOCENT and can't wait for all this non-sense to end. They say innocent until proven guilty & that's a crock of shit if you ask me. It's called they believe everyone but the person who's accused of whatever & don't think they need to prove it. It's bull & if I were Mark & when he finally does get out of there, I'd sue for being wrongly accused & name pulled to the dirt for nothing.
Posted by mike on
Mark seemed like an awesome teacher I was upset I didnt get him, My sister had him and never had a problem, as well as many of my friends. I was very close with melissa and she never said anything, not even in highschool when we still talked. I hope this great teacher can get out, I know the Nevada Justice System has screwed me a few times. Ooh and his cars were awesome.
On another note, he was setting up dates with female teachers all the time. Why would he need to touch minor girls?
Posted by Jamie C Donnelly (proud cousin of an innocent Mark Zana) on
I would also like to add on here that every one of the law enforcement people are only keeping Mark (my VERY INNOCENT cousin) in jail, cuz they feel they are doing their jobs, cuz of the lying the girls that are testifying against Mark (thinking they are doing justice for the liars & their families). It's pretty sad that they just can't admit that he's INNOCENT, cuz they don't want to be wrong. Eventually the truth will come out & I'll do everything I can to help him. There are sooooo many people that are put in jail for crimes they didn't commit & it makes me sick!
Posted by Jamie C Donnelly (proud cousin of an innocent Mark Zana) on
One other thought and that is if law enforcement actually followed the law they tell others to follow, then they wouldn't have to be picking on my poor cousin Mark & bringing his good name in the dirt. You hear about cops breaking the law ALL the time! Now THAT is sad. Not only just cops, but JUDGES too! This one judge in Pennsylvania BEAT his daughter when she was like 16 with a belt MANY MANY times & she recorded it & put it on the internet! Even sadder is that she was mentally challenged or something on top of it all! So how can he be partial & fair to others that are convicted of beating others? Answer me that one.
Posted by Mike b on
I known mark for many years. He was a best friend and a coach in gymnastics,I grew up with him. One of the best guys I ever known.all he cared about was teachin and helping others.this hole thing is total bull
Posted by objective 3rd party with no ties to Zana on
(Insert extreme sarcasm)
I am ALWAYS surprised by the number of people who have apparently taken the time and expense to travel to Vegas, to view the evidence, attend trial proceedings, listen to expert testimony and thus announce their well evidenced conclusions of guilt. Certainly nobody would be so foolish as to imagine that reading news accounts would provide any real insight into the details of the evidence and provide a solid base of information on which to render a verdict. Note to all....I believe Mark Zana to be completely innocent of all these rubbish and pray he is exonerated soon. A gaggle of dishonest girls,trumped up charges, a very corrupt justice system, and the media coverage made this the perfect storm for a hanging. This unfortunate fellow never had a chance. Shame on all involved for his conviction. Shame on the ones that keep the truth hidden and an innocent man locked up. Enough of believing fabricated narratives and set Mark Zana free!!!!!!
Posted by T.M (A.A.H.S grad) on
REALLY! Apparently people don't know what they are talking about. Marks a good guy and is very well liked. He was brought up by a good loving family. A family that could play the sequel to the Brady Bunch.. Why am I having a feeling this is like all the movies out there that when the truth comes out its always the girls lying about what happen so people will like them.. (Law and Order!) The truth will come out and I hope Mark gets reimbursed by all of his losses, pain and suffering that he had to go through in order to get his life back on track.
Posted by Devin Marvosh on
So my sister had Mr. Zana in the first grade, When she was in the third grade he threw a pizza party for his first class he taught at Newton, and my dad had to pick my sister up from the pizza party way early, and she cried. It was sad, she liked to flaunt that he was her first grade teacher. The few times I went into his class when I was in grade school he seemed pretty cool, as a guest in one of his classes he told me to point to Pennsylvania on the map, which I couldnt since I was like 8 years old. He struck me as a hard-ass then, but everyone else in the class had been laughing at his instructions--they all knew where Pennsylvania was on the map. Any ways, when he appeared on the news, my family chuckled, and discussed briefly that we thought he would never be convicted. If we thought he would have been, we would have gone down and testified. I think a lot of families thought the way mine did.
In High school, I knew Alexia Mair. She sat in front of me in French. I mentioned the case to her easily, as if the moon would crash into the earth before Zana would be convicted. She told me she was going to go testify against him. I looked at her in disgust and said "what did he do to you?" and she didn't respond. I only knew her for that 1 semester, in that 1 class, but she took the case very lightly. she didnt seem to care in that instance when I approched her on the subject.

Any ways, this dude just loved kids. He loved his job. He would play tether-ball with the kids at lunch time, not molest them. He was also focused and di a good job at teaching.
I personally do not think this man was guilty of the charges, and speaking with my sister, she doesnt either.

I hope people fight for this.
Posted by Mathew on
I've witnessed first hand the misrulings of Jackie Glass. When she revoked a mans
probation, sending him to prison because he wrote an apology (that she considered "harrassment"), even though he should've already been released from probation due to compliance and credited time allowed BY LAW. When the defense attorney objected Judge Glass smugly replied "over ruled, he can appeal", knowing the 12-48 month sentece would be well served and expired by the time that happened. What a sad sad excuse for a Judge she is. But let's reward her for locking up OJ with a television show. The justice system needs an enema!
Posted by m on
If Alexa was so damaged by this why is she married to a TEACHER THAT LOOKS JUST LIKE MR. Zana and whom is way way older than herself. I know much about a lot of people in this case. Sickening
Posted by bethrooker on
30,000+ hits on the website so far. Thanks for everyone's support.
Posted by bethrooker on
Mark was taking the last class for his Masters Degree at UNLV when he was arrested. He was going to be a principal. He was leaving the classroom. What kind of "predator" leaves access to kids??? They don't. Mark isn't a pedophile and he didn't do these things!!!
Posted by bethrooker on
This is Mark's sister Beth. If he gets the chance at a new trial I hope those of you have posted on here would be willing to testify on his behalf. 5 years in prison is a LONG time for something you never did. Those girls know it... yet they allow an innocent man to sit in prison day after day. I hope when they have children one day, sons in particular, that no one does this to them. All for what???? Coming forward with the truth could set a man free and you would be forgiven. It is just that easy. I pray every day these girls will do the right thing.P.S. Mark has lost both of his parent's in the 5 years he has been locked up. How do you live with knowing THAT and still sit on the lies???
Posted by Anonymous on
I never had Zana as a teacher, but my brother was in the same school as him in the early 2000s. He was actually surprised when he heard he was arrested for that, because he said he never seemed sketchy. Now that I'm much more mature, I decided to look up exactly what Zana was claimed to have done. I read a news article saying he told kids to reach into his pocket for candy, and that he was feeling up the girls' shirts. I thought to myself, "These are 5th graders. If he really had done that, wouldn't they have said something to their parents when they got back home?" If I saw that, I would've been going apeshit. That's why I thought his accusations weren't correct. These kids need to retestify, because obviously they were all lying. Is he still in jail?
Posted by I'm just sick about this on
I employed Mark as a gym instructor and never saw anything that would leave me to believe he would do this. I was never interviewed about him and now have one of these girls whose stories helped convict him working for me. I am aware how easy it is to be falsely accused and how that ruins that person's life. Lisa Luzaich is not an ethical person (I have first hand knowledge of that) and it's horrible to destroy someone's life without irrefutable evidence. There is story after story in the US where someone is exonerated after years in jail. They were convicted only because of unethical prosecutors who did not try to find the truth but instead just wanted a "WIN".
Posted by What I can remeber on
I was in 5th grade when this happend and what I can remember was that every kid wished they would of had Mr. Zana as their teacher. "Mr. Zana is so cool" and you would be considered lucky if you were to get him as your teacher. Then one day the kids were telling me that he would put jolly ranchers in his pocket and tell kids that if they wanted one they would need to take it out of his pocket, and that they found child porn on his computer at school, that he had a program were he would take a picture of you and then it would turn you naked, also he looked at girls boobs in the classroom. All from the same kids that the day before wished they had him as a teacher. At first I didn't not believe it. I thought if it were true he would be on the news. A few days later my parents found out and I saw him on the news ever since then I belived it had been true. But I remeber telling my parents I was okay and that they shouldn't worry it's not as bad as it seems. I wanted to know someone who had him as a teacher so I could hear it from them but I never did, also I felt rude to go around asking but no one I knew was ever offered a jolly rancher. Now that I am older I see that this man got screwed. The porn wasn't even from the computers at school, EVERY MAN HAS WATCHED PORN NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE. That's really all they had on him but last time I checked porn is not illigal in Las Vegas nor Henderon. I bet you would of found more porn on those detectives web history. A lot of 5th graders lie and it's crazy to believe what they even say, I do believe that if I were be questioned back then AFTER he was in the media, I would of thought of any little thing he did to say something, "He would always look at me smile, like if he wanted me or somthing" but I really did think he was a perv AFTER the media made it offical, now I know 99% of the media is a lie from another experience I had with a friend who made the news. And people who hated her jumped on cameras to say nice things about her for their 15secs of fame. So I belive a kid would lie for attention. I wounder what they would say now looking back at it and I'm sorry for Mr. Zana but I still haven't heard both sides of the story mainly cause I can't find the other side.
Posted by bethrooker on
To the above commenter. If you are serious about hearing both sides you may order the transcripts from both Mr. Zana's preliminary hearing and trial hearing. In both, you will be able to read word for word what each girl said AND MR. Zana. As of interest, the girls have different stories from the preliminary to the trial. Check it out for yourself. The transcripts are public and all you have to do is ask.
Posted by an old student from 5th grade at kesterson elementry year 2000. on
Wow.....Never figured I'd be typing this about my old 5th grade teacher. I saw it on the news and sorta knew it was some BS, but what does a stoned out 15 year old know about right and wrong. I'd be willing to given a sworn statement about things, but I'd like an honest phone call first. Send me an email.
Posted by bethrooker on
Since Mark was acquitted of Keshia's, Iris', and Alexa's lies he can sue them. He's probably waiting until his case is overturned to sue everyone at once.
Posted by Daniel Newman on
Can't believe they still have this man locked up. I was one of his students that would stay after school to help around the classroom and never once did I witness any kind of questionable behavior from mr Zana let alone sexual assault. Don't know if it would help but I would be willing to give a statement in support of zana.
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