Coral Boucher

      Coral Boucher was a student of mine back in 2001. I had no problems with Coral all year and she made no allegations or complaints about me back then. But in 2005, after I was arrested and run through the media, Coral told police that I had put my hand down a student named Taylor's shirt in front of 35+ students and touched her breast. An identical story to what the media had been airing since my arrest. Coral had never told anyone this story until 4 years after she claimed it took place.

        Henderson police interviewed Taylor. Twice. Both times Taylor told police that it didn't happen and that Coral was lying. It was obvious that Coral, like Nick Cotton and Ladonna Hausdorf, lied. Also like Nick and Ladonna Henderson police did not charge Coral with filing a false police report. It seems obvious that Henderson police don't mind if people lie to them or file false police reports as long as it helps their case.

         Why did Coral lie about me? Maybe she was trying to get back at Taylor for something. I may never know why Coral lied. But the fact is that she did lie. Kids lie and this is another clear example of that happening in my case. As with the others, I plan on doing what Henderson police chose not to do. Hold Coral and the others accountable for their actions.

           The bottom line is that kids lie, the media and police influence people, and all of these things contributed to my wrongful conviction. I will not rest until my case is overturned and everyone involved is held accountable for their actions.