Iris Camacho 

          Iris was a student of mine back in 2004.  She, like most of my students, stayed after school all year to help in my classroom.  She never made any accusations against me and her parents had no complaints with me all year.  In fact, Iris, her father and younger brother all stopped by my classroom to visit me the year after she had left our school. 

          Henderson police interviewed Iris 3 times.  In the first 2 interviews Iris told them that she had a good year in my class and that I was a good teacher.  These first 2 interviews were before my arrest and before the media dragged me through the mud.  At Iris’ 3rd  interview she completely changed her story and made allegations against me that were nearly identical to the ones she had heard in the news.  In her 3rd interview Iris stated that, when her mother saw in the news that I would make bail soon, her mother had told her “you girls have to do something about that.” 

          Iris did.  She lied.  She told the same story to the police that she heard on the news.  The D.A. was so desperate to charge me with as many crimes as possible in hopes that I would accept a plea deal, that he charged me with Iris’ allegations.  Even though it took 3 interviews before she accused me of anything and she had no explanation as to why she didn’t accuse me of anything in her first 2 interviews. 

          The jury acquitted me of her false claimsThis is just further proof that the media and police influence people and aren’t un-bias as they’re supposed to be.  It also shows that kids lie.  Even about something as serious as this.