Jillian Lozano              

             Jillian was NEVER a student of mine. She and 6 other students, from an after school program called Safekey, volunteered to help me after school in my classroom as I taught 1st grade at the time and my students were too young to be of any help. Just like when I taught 5th grade I required a permission slip from each child's parent(s) plus the ok from the teacher who ran the Safekey program.

              Jillian only came to help me one time. And in that one time she stole candy from my candy jar. Her grandmother found all the candy she stole and asked where she'd gotten it. She told her grandmother that I gave it to her. Sensing her grandmother didn't believe her and trouble was pending, Jillian accused me of being inappropriate with her.

               Jillian's mother called the school the next day and talked with my principal. He interviewed the 6 other students who were in my class with Jillian helping me. Jillian claimed that I had her helping me alone at the back of  my classroom while the other 6 students were working at the front of my room. ALL 6 of the other students said that Jillian was working at the front of my classroom with them the entire time. ALL 6 of these students also said that I wasn't even at the back table in my room. They said I was in and out of my room making copies in the copy room and getting things from the office. One of these 6 students also said she witnessed Jillian stealing the candy from my room.

                The police and D.A's office did NO investigation. Instead, the D.A.'s office simply charged me with a misdemeanor and offered me a plea deal. Of course I turned it down. When the D.A. found out that I had 6 students who would testify that Jillian was lying and did in fact steal candy from me, along with Jillian's previous teacher who said Jillian lied often throughout the year in her class, the D.A. dismissed the case and AGREED to it being sealed. If Assistant District Attorney Lisa Lusaich really believed that there was anything to Jillian's accusation she surely would have been against the sealing of the case.

                   No arrest. The case was dismissed and sealed by A.D.A. Lisa Lusaich with her complete agreement. Sealed cases are done because the person charged has been cleared. As Judge Jackie Glass said in court, “sealed is sealed, as if it never happened.” It's not to be talked about by anyone and there are specific Nevada laws ordering that. A.D.A. Tom Carroll, with the help of Judge Jackie Glass, went around the sealing orders and had Jillian testify at my trial. Jillian testified about something I was previously cleared of and deemed to have never happened. The D.A's office didn't believe Jillian back when she first told her tall tale, but they believe her NOW?! No. They just wanted to slander me to the jury in a blatant attempt to bias the jury against me to help win a conviction.

                  When I get my case overturned I plan on suing Jillian and her family for violating the sealing orders. A.D.A Tom Carroll and Judge Jackie Glass will also have to answer for allowing Jillian and her family to do so.

                    This is yet another perfect example of how the D.A.'s office and Judge Glass manipulated the system to ensure my conviction. It also further proves that children lie with no fear of repercussions.