Keshia Ricamona

      Keshia was a student of mine back in 2002. She stayed after school to help in my classroom like most of my students did. That is, until her grades fell. I wouldn't allow any student(s) to help after school if they had any D's or F's, which Keshia eventually had. When I wouldn't allow her to stay after school any longer Keshia got very upset. All of her friends were still helping after school but she was no longer allowed to. I caught Keshia passing a note in class that read “I want to kill Mr. Zana.” She admitted this in court and even laughed about it.

      Keshia waited 2 ½ years to make her allegations about me and only AFTER I was arrested and AFTER the Henderson police had run me through the media extensively. Keshia's claims were nearly identical to what she'd seen on the news report about me. NO ONE witnessed her claims even though there were 35+ students around. Keshia never told ANYONE about her claims. Ever!

      The jury didn't believe Keshia and I was acquitted of her claims. Keshia lied because she's a spiteful girl who blamed me for why she couldn't stay after school with her friends. She held a grudge and lied to police, who were all too happy to pad their case against me no matter how unbelievable the claims made were.

       Kids lie, the police will do ANYTHING to make a case against people, and the media influences people with their bias reporting. This is what happened to me. I'm appealing my case and plan on holding everyone involved accountable for their part in my wrongful conviction.