Ladonna Hausdorf 

             Ladonna was a lonely, nosy, bored housewife who only made allegations about me after I was arrested and after she decided she wanted her 15 minutes of fame & or attention. She lived in the same apartment complex as my brother and I (who were roommates at the time) did. She claimed that I attempted to lure a girl into my apartment but she stopped me. Ladonna waited until years later, when I was arrested, to call police with her wild claims. She did NOT call police at the time she claims this incident occurred.

               The girl and her mother were interviewed by police TWICE. Both times the girl and her mother assured police that Ladonna's claim did not happen. They confirmed that Ladonna had made up this story and was lying. Even with this information the police did NOT charge Ladonna with filing a false police report as they should have.

                  The police had 5 people making false claims against me and false police reports yet NOT ONE of them was charged. The police didn't want people to know that there were adults and kids making false accusations against me. The police only wanted the media to report who and what I was charged with. This again shows how police manipulate the media and influence the public in order to strengthen their cases. The police are NOT interested in the truth in Nevada. They obviously don't believe in innocent until proven guilty.

                   Ladonna is another perfect example of how people lie to the police with no fear of repercussions. What makes it worse is that Ladonna is an ADULT.