Lauren Judd

     Lauren Judd was a 5th grade student of mine back in 2000.  She was moody back then.  There were days she liked me and days she didn’t.  She testified that she was mean to me throughout the year.  But she never accused me of anything all year or for the next 4 ½ years.  Not until Henderson police went to her school to question her about me.  I had already been arrested and dragged through the media.  Lauren was one of the many students that the Henderson police questioned at their school during their “witch hunt”.  Lauren didn’t go to the police to accuse me of anything.  They came to her and with very leading questions got a story out of her that they could use to bolster their case against me. 

     Lauren stated that I had told her that she could get a piece of candy from pants pocket.  This supposedly occurred outside at recess with hundreds of students, several teachers, and the exterior school security cameras recording.  If Lauren had accused me back in 2000, it would’ve been easy to review the security camera footage to clear myself.  Instead, Lauren waited nearly 5 years.  Even with the hundreds of people around, no one was a witness to Lauren’s claim.

     At trial, Lauren accused me of being “sketchy” in 2000 and she said she just stayed away from me.  But she had no explanation as to why she came back with friends during summer break to help me get me classroom ready for the new year.

     I was not convicted of the felony lewdness charge for Lauren’s accusation. Instead, the jury found me guilty of a lesser misdemeanor charge.  As with Amber and Melissa, it was obvious that they lied.  No witnesses to corroborate their claims, yet there were always many people around.  They all waited several years to make their allegations, and their stories changed as they went along.

     As I have stated before, the D.A. created as many charges against me as he could, with the expectation that I would take one of his plea deals…it is called stacking  charges.  Of course, I didn’t, but like the saying goes, “If you throw enough shit against the wall, some of it will stick.” That is exactly what the D.A. did.  I was acquitted of 11 out of 21 charges.