Background Information


         I was a Clark County School District elementary teacher in Henderson, Nevada for 10 years. Throughout those 10 years I had only positive evaluations from the 7 or more administrators (principals and assistant principals) who evaluated me. I had NO disciplinary actions or negative evaluations in my 10 years of teaching.

          I was highly requested by parents to have their child(ren) placed into my classroom. I was not the best teacher in my school nor was I the most popular but I was well liked and respected.

           I did not allow any student to be alone in the classroom with me. That was my rule not the schools or school districts. None of the allegations against me arose from me ever being alone with a student. In every allegation each person admitted that there were always many people around. Yet no one ever witnessed what I was accused of. Not one witness. It's simply impossible.

            I tried to protect myself from something like this occurring and yet it still happened. Kids lie, the media is biased and can sway peoples opinions. The police, D.A., and judges in my case violated the law to ensure my conviction. Take the time to read all of the information in this website and you will see that it was impossible for what I was accused of to have happened. No witnesses, no physical evidence, just unbelievable allegations made by girls who changed their stories as they went along.

             What the Nevada Justice system did to me is appalling. They ran me through the media extensively and expected that I would take a plea deal. They were very wrong. I am innocent and will continue to fight to prove it and to expose the legal violations that have occurred in my case. My case is public record. Anyone can order the transcripts to corroborate my claims. Kids lie to get out of trouble. Kids will say whatever their parents or police lead them to say in order to please them. This happened in the Tonya Craft case recently and it happened in my case. Continue reading my website and decide for yourself.