Melissa Marcovecchio Truett

          Melissa Marcovecchio was a student in my 5th grade class back in 2002.  I had no problems with her all year and she and her parents had no complaints with me either.  Her parents had requested Melissa be placed in my class for 5th grade.  All year long, Melissa, like most of my class, stayed after school to help me with clerical work.  Her parents weren’t merely aware of this, they, like all the parents in my class, signed a permission slip that informed them of the days and times students were permitted to stay after school to help.  Parents were also informed, at Open House and by permission slip, that no students were to stay after school alone.  That rule, and the permission slip, were required by ME, not the school or school district.  Other teachers had after school student helpers, but they didn’t require a permission slip or multiple students. 

          Melissa’s school year ended as they all did,no accusations or allegations of any kind.  On the last day of school, Melissa actually wrote “Mr.Zana is the greatest teacher oh ya know it” on a small dry erase board that I presented at trial.  Melissa had no explanation as to why she wrote that if I had assaulted here earlier in the school year as she now claimed.  Then in 2005, while she was living in Colorado, Melissa was caught in her basement with friends by her father during summer break.  Melissa stated that her father was extremely angry, he exploded on her, and brought her to tears.  Her parents had then grounded her. 

          Two weeks after that incident in her basement, Melissa told a friend name Hugo, that  I had reached into her shirt when she was in my 5th grade class. She claimed this happened twice, each lasting for 15 seconds.  Once in front of 35 students and the other time was with 2 students present.  Amazingly, no students witnessed either incident Melissa claimed to have occurred. 

          Up to this point Melissa had never told anyone about her claims.  Not her best friend, not her boyfriend, not our DARE officer, not the nurse, not the principal, not her parents, not anyone! That is, not until she was caught in her basement with friends and was punished.  Even then, she waited another two weeks and told a friend instead of her parents.  Why didn’t Melissa tell someone right away or at least at the end of the school year?  Her best friend from 5th grade, Danielle Dunn, asked the police the same question. “Why didn’t Melissa tell me about it?” Melissa didn’t stop staying after school to help me either.  Why didn’t Melissa tell anyone about this? Because it didn’t happen! She made it up to get out of trouble. 

          Melissa was far from shy in 5th grade.  She was one of the most outspoken kids in the class.  Surely, if I had reached into her shirt, she would’ve yelled. Moved, brought attention to it, told someone, or at least stopped staying after school to help me.  She did NONE of these things, because it didn’t happen! She told no one, continued staying after school, and only accused me years later when she had gotten into serious trouble with her parents. 

          Melissa moved to Colorado right after her 5th grade year, so maybe she thought nothing would happen to me back in Las Vegas.  And even though her accusations were unbelievable, uncorroborated, and changed over time, the D.A. did a good enough job of slandering me, that the jury convicted me of both of Melissa’s accusations. 

          I am innocent and am appealing my case in the Federal Court.  I was convicted because kids lie, the Henderson Police, D.A., and two district judges violated Federal and State laws to ensure I was convicted.  Then, the Nevada Supreme Court ignored Federal and State law violations to cover up the violations of the Las Vegas’ justice system.  Click on the tabs to the left to read about all the violations of laws and my rights that took place.