Nick Cotton

     Nick Cotton was a student of mine back in 2001. He was a lazy, whiny, “momma's boy.” Nothing was ever his fault and his mother blindly believed everything he told her. He did not like me because I was tough and held him accountable for all of his work and lack thereof. He tried to get transferred out of my class because he didn't complete all of his work and was having trouble passing my class.

      After I was arrested and run through the media, Nick went to the police with an unbelievable story he'd never told anyone until now. His story was that one day in class, in front of 35+ students, I had a student named Michelle sitting on my lap and I had both of my hands on both of her breasts. No one else witnessed this but Nick and he had never told anyone about it until now.

       The police questioned Michelle about Nick's story. Twice. She told police it did not happen. Two separate interviews of Michelle by the police and both times she told them it did not happen. Nick lied to police. Henderson police could have and should have charged Nick with filing a false police report. But of course they didn't. They were only interested in me, not the laws as they should be.

        This is another clear example of people lying about me. Kids lie for may reasons and they do it with no fear of consequences or repercussions. Nick slandered me and filed a false police report. I plan on suing him and others like Coral Boucher, and Ladonna Hausdorf who have all filed false police reports and made false allegations against me.

          Kids lie, the media and police influence people. This is what happened to me. I plan on holding them all accountable once my case is overturned. I am innocent and plan on fighting to prove it.